Kamege K420L
The plastoholotype integrated machine is processed and shaped by the most advanced American processing equipment, which can contribute to improve the stability and high precision of the machine. more
Kamege K420L
Use the complete set of German original motor and reducer. Motor speed (up to 4000 min-1), power: 70W, through the speed reducer can give strong and steady torque output, to solve shovel feeding inadequate and burning motor problem. more
Kamege KSM-50
Kamege K420RC
Excellence comes from military quality more
Fresatura suola a coda
Kamege K402R
All circuit components use famous brands and are products of 3C certification. The design is more professional and humanized. more
The world’s advanced processing equipment and high-precision grinding improve mechanical stability and beautify visual effects. more
Kamege K420
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Dongguan XiangDi Machinery Co.Ltd. was established in 2003. Our company is a professional high tech enterprise based in Dongguan, enjoying convenient transportation access. We are fully committed to producing technologically advanced shoe machines. With sound business credit, excellent after-sales service, and modern manufacturing facilities, we have earned an excellent reputation among our customers across the globe. more>>


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